#girlsofbaja - Cornell Baja Racing

Here on Cornell Baja, we recognize the importance of gender equality, especially in engineering. We’re proud to say that our team and our leadership is majority female. These young women hold significant technical positions, and without their vital contributions to our project, we couldn’t have the success that we do.

Started in 2017, #girlsofbaja has been popular on Cornell campus ever since. We’ve partnered with other engineering project teams on campus by creating customized #girlsof t-shirts for them. Today, we are working with other Baja SAE teams to spread #girlsofbaja across other universities participating in Baja SAE Collegiate Series.

Although they come with fun colors and trendy hashtags, #girlsofbaja shirts carry a larger meaning: to celebrate female participation in engineering and the extremely meaningful contributions they make.

If you are interested in #girlsofbaja shirts for your team, contact Divya Agrawal at da388@cornell.edu for order requests.