Sponsors - Cornell Baja Racing

Be a part of our winning team!

We would like to extend our thanks to our past and present sponsors. Their generous contributions, whether they are monetary, material, or service, make this continuation of our project and its success possible.

*To support us, select "Other – Engineering" and specify Baja Racing.

The Determan Balk Family Foundation helps provide funds for the Cornell Baja Team that allows us to the bring the best version of our ideas to life.

Cornell University is a vital part in Cornell Baja Racing. They provide a facility full of resources to enable members and allow the team to truly turn their ideas for the car into reality.

ANSYS works on engineering simulation by helping the world's most innovative companies deliver radically better products to their customers. They offer software to help solve complex design and engineering challenges.

DUNA-USA is a worldwide market leader for the production and development of equipments and instruments supporting the production or application of foams and chemicals. DUNA Group combines extensive European experience and an approach to factory management with great technology and business orientation resulting in an exciting experience of industrial life, strong exchange of technology, and great possibilities of success.

Air Products serve customers across a wide range of industries from food and beverage to medical, energy and transportation. They strive to create innovative solutions that benefit the environment, enhance sustainability and address the challenges facing customers, communities and the world.

RAM Manufacturing helps create metal tube fabrications, which come in handy when building the Baja Car. RAM designs the bars according to the customer’s specifications and builds them for optimal quality.

Moog has designed and manufactured components and systems for satellites and launch vehicles for over sixty years. They are a proven leader in components, subsystems and systems for the spacecraft market, including Spacecraft Controls, In-Space Propulsion, Spacecraft Payloads and Mission Planning.

Uber Technologies is a peer-to-peer ridesharing, taxi cab, food delivery, bicycle-sharing, and transportation network company that provides service to individuals around the world.

Composite Fabrics of America (CFA) is a weaving company based in Taylorsville, NC that produces fabrics for the composites industry. Primarily weaving carbon fiber, they also have the ability to produce aramid, fiberglass and hybrid fabrics. CFA is a custom weaving operation.