Sponsors - Cornell Baja Racing

Be a part of our winning team!

We would like to extend our thanks to our past and present sponsors. Their generous contributions, whether they are monetary, material, or service, make this continuation of our project and its success possible.

*To support us, select "Other – Engineering" and specify Baja Racing.

Mide Technology is a research company that provides products to customers and helps solve engineering problems. Through testing of mechanical designs, Mide engineers the best product to any issue.

Across 50 countries, Air Products supplies different industries and customers with process gasses, services, and equipment that enhance sustainability and protect the environment.

Cornell University is a vital part in Cornell Baja Racing. They provide a facility full of resources to enable members and allow the team to truly turn their ideas for the car into reality.

The Determan Balk Family Foundation helps provide funds for the Cornell Baja Team that allows us to the bring the best version of our ideas to life.

Royal High Performance Oils and Greases, through environmental consciousness and extensive research, commits to creating the best quality lubricating oil and grease products for a variety of different applications.

Kleen Performance Products, with their state of the art facilities, guarantee great quality motor oils and performance lubricants.

Smidgens is a small laser cutting company that has been running lasers for over 30 years. Through their eight different lasers, they provide high quality laser cut parts for any system.

RAM Manufacturing helps create metal tube fabrications, which come in handy when building the Baja Car. RAM designs the bars according to the customer’s specifications and builds them for optimal quality.

Fox company designs and develops high performance shock absorbers and racing suspension systems for different types of cars, trucks, and bikes.

Blue Origin is a space exploration company that works with real hardware in engineering design products relating to the creating of human spaceflight systems.